Our Human Resources Policy


In Aydın Group, employee satisfaction and organizational awareness constitute the basis of the Human Resources Policy we jointly implement in all of our companies. Aydın Group, which believes that the goal of being customer-oriented and compliant with quality standards can be achieved through the effective use of human resources, has adopted the philosophy of "Growth Through Investment in Human Resources" with high performance and motivation.

Our policy is based on: the determination of permanent staff, the determination of the required skills and qualifications for each position and job title, planning human resources and the budget allocated for it, the selection, recruitment and assignment of candidates through interview processes, the development of employees, determination and planning of orientation and other training needs, career planning, performance review, salary management, and the implementation of all Human Resources practices and processes using appropriate and fair methods.

In Aydın Group, we provide all employees who meet our expectations and accompany us in line with our values, policies and goals with objective and fair payment in accordance with the value they bring to their company. In line with company goals, performance and inflation-based assessments are carried out annually.

With our respect for the human element and business life, keeping occupational health and safety at the forefront by developing systems to prevent work accidents, and taking measures and restructuring in a way that allows for intervention in emergency situations are among the matters that are emphasized in our Human Resources policy.