Our Training and Development Policy


Suitable orientation programs are prepared and applied for newly-recruited employees. In orientation programs, it is aimed to increase performance and reduce labor turnover rate by ensuring that employees quickly settle in their jobs and the organization. For this purpose, employees are provided with all information related to company policies, quality policies, organizational structure of the company, social rights and responsibilities, working conditions, work safety, and business life in Aydın Group.

Training and development activities are planned annually in Aydın Group. At the beginning of the year, an annual training plan is created based on the employees, managers, the needs required by work processes and training activities required for work safety. Within the scope of this training plan, it is aimed for our employees to improve themselves in the best way possible, achieve their personal goals, be able to perform their job better, and move the company forward by keeping up with change and development. Additionally, unplanned training activities are also organized based on the needs that arise during the year.

Internship Opportunities

Aydın Group offers internship opportunities to high-school and university students with the aim of helping them gain work experience, acquaint themselves with business life and prepare for life in addition to the theoretical knowledge they gain at school. Internship applications are received from the schools we are in contact with, through our website and through references. Interviews are conducted with students in line with the needs of our departments, and their internship periods are initiated.