Our Recruitment Procedure


In Aydın Group, Human Resources needs are determined through studies towards permanent staff needs within budgetary plans and as a result of business analyses and business process studies.

In the recruitment process, individuals who we can work with over a long period of time, who are highly-motivated, effective, efficient, who improve themselves constantly and contribute to their company with this improvement are preferred.

Human Resources internet portals and consulting firms are referred to in the recruitment process. Additionally, resumes sent over our website are also taken under consideration. From the applications, suitably qualified candidates are determined and called for an interview. At the end of the interview, assessment and reference research processes, suitable candidates are provided with a job offer. All candidates who participate in the process are registered in a resume pool and informed regarding the outcome of their application.

Job Applications

To submit your job application, you can send your resume to ik@aydingroup.net, or click here for the current job notices.